• Breaking bad Fifty-One Episode review

    This is my review for the fifty one episode review;

    Director Rian Johnson (Brick, Looper) warrants a whole lot of credit because of his aid in this show.

    “Fifty One” gave us sharp insight into Skyler. Or perhaps it was real. We’ll never really understand. Her dialogue with Walt in the the bed room later was perhaps the strongest scene in the show.
    As some one who is always loved the conversation on Breaking Negative that scene was like peering into the bedroom of an actual married couple and watching it all unfold. Unreal.

    While several other folks will recall quotations like “I ’m the one that knocks,” I am likely to re-member Skyler’s panicked, “I do not understand! … I am going to count every moment they are a way from here – away from you – as a success.”